Who is Meebs’ Mom?


I’m a published writer, professional communications consultant, award-winning documentary scriptwriter, and co-founder of Inktvis Creative . I also happen to be Mrs. DiscoverSooke and very proud mamma to Meebs, a.k.a. Baby DiscoverSooke.

Writing is my passion and on MeebsMom.com I’ve combined my two loves—writing and being a mom! I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences—my joys, rants, and follies—as well as opinions and information on a number of hot topics.

So…what is a Meebs?

“Meebs” is the nickname for my daughter Amelia. As a newborn she was especially cuddly and loved to snuggle. My husband called her our little Amoeba. Eventually Amoeba evolved into Meeba and then eventually shortened to Meebs. And that is how a Meebs was born.

Meebs’ Peeps

Meet the rest of Meebs’ clan! Our family also includes MeebsDad, a.k.a. Mr. DiscoverSooke and graphic designer extraordinaire, and Pork Chop, our 15 year-old “son” who only pretends to be a Jack Russell Terrier. Also, gone but not forgotten is our little darling “daughter” Casey; taken from us much too soon. She’s always in our hearts—a very special member of our family. Casey is pictured to the right; one of my favourite photos of her!

MeebsDad is also an amazing photographer and most of the photos used on Meebsmom.com are courtesy of his portfolio on van der Valk Photography and Flickr!