With all those lovely pieces of artwork Meebs brings home from daycare, our fridge was starting to look like it had been taken over by graffiti. I decided or next project would be a giant “art-folio” where we would keep the “special” pieces of art Meebs created. One work of art would be displayed at a time on the fridge and stayed until replaced by another. Then we would decide if it was “worthy” of saving, understanding that not everything could be saved.

I stapled 2 pieces of white Bristol board together on three sides to create an envelope. Then, we headed outside where Meebs chose 4 colours, I dropped globs, yes globs, of paint all over the board and let her go to town with her little fingers. Now, she’d finger painted before, but never like this: full hand, swirling and twirling, squeezing and gushing the paint in as many ways as she wanted. No holds barred. Again, lovely to see her let her creativity show.