The inaugural post for Crafty Wednesdays.

With Meebs now home with me on Mondays and Wednesdays, I wanted to create some structured play and give us something to look forward too. Creativity is something I personally value, and a quality I hope to encourage in Meebs. She often surprises me with her ideas and vivd imagination. I get my ideas for crafts from a variety of sources, including Today’s Parent, Pinterest, Yummy Mummy Club, and google searches.

How I determine what we’ll work on depends on whether it corresponds to a season or holiday, as well as how messy I feel like getting!

This Wednesday we made a Father’s Day gift. We had a lot of fun searching for the perfect rocks. As we started to make the paper weights I realized that the project was a bit too advanced, since Meebs is just 3 yrs old and only just learning her alphabet. So, we decided to also make a freestyle creation. Meebs chose a colour and placed the stones and had a great time.