I can’t believe another merciless act of violence has taken place in our neighbouring country. Precious lives have been lost, disfigured, forever altered. When will it stop? When is enough, enough? I fear the evil creeping by borders and oceans into our schools, our homes and our hearts.

I believe it’s through a Mother’s love that we find strength to carry on in the wake of senseless tragedy and acts of rage. The power of Mothers is far-reaching and can influence many. Her voice is mighty. It will take the voice of women to end gun violence and acts of terror that befall her children. Mothers can restore light when it has been extinguished, and raise hope and promise from smouldering ash. How we do this, I do not know. But it’s time. And only we, with our collective empathy, unyielding strength and enduring love can bring change and influence the powers working with and against our children.

I adore the quote from Mr. Rogers’ Mother circulating social media:

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping’.” — A wise woman that Mrs. Rogers!

Look for the helpers, but also look to the mothers—bringers of comfort, bringers of hope, bringers of change.

I am tormented with the thought of losing a child. My world was altered the day I became a mother, and along with a beautiful baby I also gained a raw, heart-wrenching empathy and vat of fear that bridges my heart to every parent and every child—connecting me to their loss. Though what I feel can never compare, and I do hope I am spared the knowledge of personal discovery, I yet experience a complete visceral reaction when something terrible happens. With this, my need to write is hastened.

So, while I wrote this poem for those touched by yesterday’s Boston Marathon bombings, it is really dedicated to every Mother who has lost a child and every Mother who has the power to make a difference, big or small. Whether one child is lost, as in Boston, or 20 perish, as in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, or 100’s and 1000’s depart through deprivation, disease, war and storms. When we lose one child we all lose. In my opinion, it is Mothers who are the…

Bringers of Light

When a child falls the world mourns
Mothers weep and crumble
Hearts break like glass
Shattered in life, forlorn
We stumble

When malevolence invades our core
Mothers tremble making ground unsettle
Rivalling the evil that
Pierces her precious with metal
She wages war

When darkness reins and fires ignite
Mothers mend hope and heart
With cleansing tears
Though her cherished depart
She restores light


(c) 2013