Look at all that gum in the check-out line…no wonder Meebs had “gun” on the brain!

Picture it: Meebs and I standing in line yesterday at Wal-Mart with a cart full of goodies; it had been about 15 minutes already and I was trying hard to stay upbeat, when Meebs says in her outdoor voice, “Momma, do you have gun in your purse?”

My shocked reply, “A gun? No. Why would you ask me that? And where did you hear about guns?”

Meebs looks a bit bewildered by my response and says in her little girl voice, “When I’m a big girl I get to eat gun right?”


Me: “Oh! You mean gum!!! GUMMM, not guNNN.”

The people around me chuckled, probably in relief. Meebs probably gave everyone in our vicinity a cute story to tell about their Wal-Mart excursion.

Based how long we’d been standing in line, toting a gun might have been understandable, but I’m still a bit surprised we didn’t get a “visit” from security.