The morning mist is heavy; the early sun casts a haunting glow
Like I don’t exist, the tide wipes away my impressions in the sand
Walking too far ahead, I think I see a figure on the beach
One moment there, the next a ghost, just always out of reach

Pacific waves gently stroke the sand as they break around my feet
He haunts my dreams once in a while, both waking and asleep
I long for one more moment, one more touch, a kiss good-bye
My soul calls out with longing, but there is never a reply

There is a pull between our hearts, not ruled by time or reason
The figure turns to me, and holds me in his stare
I hold my breath, always waiting for him to move
And then he’s no longer there

There is a loneliness inside me that at times will seem to burn
If you held my heart to your ear you would hear an echo
I dream of that love that even time will stand still for
But something won’t let me let go


photo courtesy of Jason van der Valk –