There we sat, last night before dinner, at Meebs’ miniature pink Ikea table with an unopened box of Hello Kitty Valentine’s Day cards and a list of names of kids she attends daycare with. My instinct was to quickly address all the cards, shove them in a box, and we’d be done in 10 minutes or less. But, the little cupid on my left shoulder kept poking me with that damn arrow—this wasn’t about me; but rather it was an opportunity to teach Meebs about the real sentiment behind Valentine’s Day. So, I veered onto the high road and pondered how I was going to include Meebs in addressing the Valentine’s cards for her friends. Don’t get me wrong, Meebs is uncannily bright and talented, but at two and a half she can’t (legibly) write her own name, let alone a dozen other names with erratic, er I mean “original” spelling. Then again, Meebs does know how to rock the markers and stickers.

With theatrical enthusiasm, I set up a mommy-style assembly line. I mean, if we’re going to do this we might as well be organized; I can’t completely abandon who I am! Right? I also checked my urge for neatness and perfection, and reminded myself that whatever Meebs created would be beautiful! This is actually a hard thing for a person who strives for everything to be just “so” in all she does. In my former life, perfection didn’t include marker lines cutting through my beautifully practiced cursive writing. I’m making strides; all in the name of LOVE!  

So, I addressed and signed the cards and Meebs “decorated” the cards with red and pink marker squiggles and heart stickers. She really did do an incredible job, and took the process very seriously. In less than an hour we had completed over a dozen Valentine’s Day cards. Meebs was adorable, and I could tell she felt good about decorating the cards for her friends. She would ask, “and who is this one for Mommy?” She approached each card with the intent of adding custom decorations that her friend would like.

As for me, once again Meebs reminded me what these “silly” little Hallmark holidays are all about… doing something nice for people you care about, to make them feel loved and special. I hope I did the same for Meebs during our creative process. Thank you Meebs for making Hallmark holidays so much more fun!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!