Meebs is a girl with a mind of her own. When she decides to do something, she does it exceptionally well. She does things in her own time. Whether it’s joining in the fun, eating her dinner or potty training, she will make her move when she’s ready. Yes, we can encourage her and prompt her along, but there is absolutely no pushing her into doing something she’s not ready for or doesn’t want to do. There are some exceptions to this rule, like brushing her teeth. This happens every day whether I have to tickle her, hold her down, or let her “help”. But in general, MeebsDad and I respect her need to do things in her own time.

And in her own time is exactly Meebs’ approach to potty training. Meebs has been inconsistently using the potty since 18 months. It’s always there, both potty and adapter seat; she can choose how she wants to go. She uses the potty each morning and before bath, but the in-between is a toss-up. We talk about it often, and have several books on the topic. We made a special outing just to buy big girl panties. At Christmas we tried to altogether ditch the diapers, but tears, accidents and stress followed this one attempt to hurry the process.

We know that she knows how to use the potty…number 1 and 2. And, we know that she can tell us when she needs to go. So, on Wednesday, February 6 when Meebs said, “I don’t want to wear diapers anymore”, I knew we were there. It’s been three days without accidents, even in the car and during naps. Meebs wears a pull-up at night, and is ok with this…for now. We are thrilled. The only downside, now I have to carry a bigger purse to house her folding potty seat. Maybe it’s time to buy a new purse…hmm. I like it!