The “Easy to Understand” dictionary defines the breast as, one of two mammary glands on the chest of a woman or the front part of the human body from the neck to the abdomen. Well, there you have it…breast placement from pre-teen to post-nursing, and beyond.

It’s always nice to receive a compliment, especially from your child, and even if the comment is “you have pretty mimis”. Thanks Meebs; you might be the only one who thinks so anymore. Two and a half years of nursing (and more to come) has taken its toll to saw the least…my abdomen is much more familiar with my breasts than my neck is!

Though we’ve successfully ended our nursing relationship, Meebs is still a little preoccupied with my breasts. She likes to make sure they’re still in there, under my shirt (almost typo-ed “skirt” instead of shirt – geez, they’re not that saggy!). I think it brings her comfort. She often tells me she likes my mimis and she misses them. She talks about my bras; and was thrilled when I needed to go shopping for new bras. MeebsDad was not so thrilled, however, with this shopping excursion. Especially when he heard the cashier say, “That’ll be $206.55”. Yup, highway robbery for 2 ‘mimibras’, as Meebs calls them. That’s what you get for being an “extraordinary size”, as I was informed by the lingerie consultant.

No man has ever paid as much attention to my breasts as my child has (thank God!), but not even when they were closer to my neck. It really sheds some light on their true purpose and power.