When Meebs started daycare in June 2011, one of the first rituals at the facility was for her to choose a blanket and stuffy that would be hers and only hers to use at naptime. She chose a purple fairy blanket and a raggedy brown bear, which she decidedly named B. Meebs has bonded with B in that intensely special way that kids bond with a blankie or stuffy. I had a pale pink blankie that went everywhere with me, and I still have blankie packed away with my childhood mementos—no I still can’t bring myself to get rid of it. The only downside with B—he must stay at daycare.

At home, Meebs has a doll that that she is especially attached to—her name is Dolly, of course. Dolly comes everywhere with us and is tucked under Meebs’ arm throughout the night. And yet, on the very rare occasion that B comes home from daycare, Dolly is casually cast aside.


Cute anecdote: after falling in love with a friend’s 8-month old son Jackson when they were visiting the daycare, Meebs changed B’s name to B-Jackson.

Witnessing Meeb’s unwavering affection and preference for B-Jackson over any other toy, I set out on a mission to find a B replica for home. Mission near impossible! B-Jackson is a “retired” 2002 Ty bear, and I had no identifying name or marks to use as a starting point for my search. The descriptors—fuzzy peanut butter coloured bear; fleece paw pads and ears; a pink and green plaid bow—were all I had to go on. This pretty much describes 90% of toy bears. I spent weeks trolling the Ty website, eBay, Amazon, Google images, and rare toy websites looking for B-Jackson. I finally contacted Ty and described the bear; they came back with six options, and after a final search on Google images I found the bear—Binks! I found a seller on eBay who had a new Binks bear for sale. Phew. Mission accomplished. Thirty-five dollars and 20 days later, Binks arrived last night.

The timing was perfect. I decided that Binks, er B-Jackson rather, would be a post-weaning present from mommy to Meebs, for being such a big girl and achieving this milestone. Meebs looked at me like I was insane. She asked, “is that my B-Jackson?” I could see in her eyes that she was wondering why I was trying to pass off one of her toys as a new present. I replied, “this is a special B-Jackson just for home; it’s the same as your daycare B-Jackson, so now you have two. This B-Jackson came to us on a plane especially for you because you don’t need mimi anymore and he is here to remind you how much I love you—even when I’m not with you.” She appeared to understand. She gave B-Jackson a hug and a kiss and he stayed with her all night.

I have no idea if she will bond with this “twin” or if in her eyes it will always be an impostor. Time will tell. But in any case, someday I will tell her the story of my search for this second B-Jackson, and my hope is she will see the love and sentiment in the gesture.