It seems that, just like that, all the batteries died in Meebs’ electronic toys. After two and a half years of constant use it wasn’t a huge surprise, just unusual that it happened all at once. Smart little cookie that she is, Meebs now wonders if changing the batteries will fix anything that’s not “working”—including mommy’s mimis (boobies)!

I have been slowly, very slowly, weaning Meebs over the last five months—yes, we’ve extended nursing beyond two years, and very successfully, I might add [insert judgemental comment here, and then bite me]. We only nurse at bedtime, and naturally I’m producing less and less milk. For a few months now I have been telling Meebs that mommy is making less milk because Meebs’ body is telling mommy’s body that she doesn’t need mimi anymore. Soon she will be a big girl and mommy will stop making milk completely. Most of the time Meebs is ok with this, but the other night after nursing for about five minutes, Meebs pulled away and scrutinized my breast, examining it from all angles. She then said, “Mommy, it’s not working. Mimis need new batteries, right?” She then giggled; I think she was making a joke! The funny mommy that I am replied, “No Lovey, they don’t make Triple D batteries, so I guess the mimis won’t be making milk anymore”. I suppose that after two and a half years of constant use the mimis are calling it quits. Rather than fuss, Meebs snuggled against the mimis and drifted off to sleep as I rocked her.

Fingers crossed our progress continues this smoothly. The penultimate moment will be when Meebs transitions to her ‘big girl bed’, because once you’re a big girl you don’t need mimi anymore. Meebs is so excited for her big girl bed. MeebsDad and I are taking Meebs shopping this weekend to pick out a bed and some bedding. The big event will take place over the Christmas holidays while I’m off work. My hope is that all the extra attention and cuddles will make Meebs’ transition to being a ‘big girl’ as positive and special as can be. This is a big moment, a good thing—so why am I feeling so melancholy?