It’s family fun-day Sunday! And we spent the day at the Ocean Discovery Centre in Sidney, BC.

What a great place for little and big kids (a.k.a. MeebsDad) to explore and goof around. In the touch and feel pool we touched star fish and anemones. We saw jelly fish, octopus, tons of fish of all sorts, sea urchins, and lots of other unusual sea creatures…all that live in our local waters. Meebs had a great time. I love watching her as she takes in all the wonderful stimulating colours and creatures around her. Her eyes wide in wonder and her curiosity peaked. I was so proud of her courage as she plunged her hand into the icy salt water to touch the star fish!

One of our goals for 2012 is to spend as many Sundays together as we can doing things that make memories, like going to the beach, touching star fish, or watching butterflies and flamingos in an indoor rainforest. It’s so easy to get into a lazy Sunday rut…don’t get me wrong, I love a lazy Sunday spent snuggling on the couch, but I also want us to enjoy all the incredible attractions around us. Let’s see how well we do with our family “resolution”. Stay tuned for more family fun-day Sunday antics and adventures.