A good night’s sleep is three weeks passed
Demons multiply in my head
Screaming out my secrets
To the uninvited in my bed

Is this real or just a dream
I ask, as he whispers in my ear
That he’s feeding off my writhing shame
And delighting in my fear

I toss and turn in great despair
Unyielding to his demands
He’s laughing at my muffled cries
Clutching my heart in his calloused hand

Too weak to flee my web of sheets
He tightens his crushing grip
A sound pierces the darkness
As my yellow nightgown rips

Nothing real surrounds me
Familiarities begin to blur
Time is moving much too quickly
Yet barely manages to stir

The man becomes a juggler
Tossing my heart from left to right
His antics have me mesmerized
I don’t see I’m losing the fight

It all passes by so suddenly
When demons silently invade
I didn’t want to face the truth
So upon my soul they preyed

But I look to you for deliverance
And reclaiming of my heart
I find the strength to battle on
And refuse to fall apart

I’m mending my yellow nightgown
Though demons still invade my head
But I fight them in the daylight now
And let no strangers share my bed

(C) Copyright 1998 | Seana van der Valk