I fell for you so long ago.
But remember like it was yesterday.
The day you found me;

The day we fell in love.
The day I learned to trust,
Knowing you would be there.

It moves me that you know me well,
The way you know when I am slipping,
How you offer me your hand.

While time has passed my heart stands still,
    My love for you unaltered –
    The storms somehow endured.

    I adore the way you love me;
    And the ways you make me laugh.
    I dream you feel the same.

    With acceptance of each other;
    Our friendship deepens day by day.
    We head into the future,

    And wherever life should take us,
    Together or apart,
    My heart will always follow.

    So, smile my love and remember;
    Looking back on all I know – still,
    I would do it all over again…


(C) Copyright 2006 | Seana van der Valk