Snow flakes softly falling,
Hang like ornaments on the trees.
My mother softly calling-
To come inside before I freeze.

The kitchen smells like gingerbread.
All the baking is homemade—
Fond memories swirl inside my head,
And just as quickly fade.

 Our tree’s adorned with lights and bows
 Gifts are stacked beneath the tree.
 The excitement in me grows;
 Ah, Christmas it must be!

 Candy canes and mistletoe, 
 Jingle all the way,
 Twinkling lights and falling snow
 Mark this blessed day.

 But it’s not the gifts under the tree,
 Nor the wreath upon the wall;
 It’s not the things that you can see,
 It’s not that stuff at all.

 Christmastime means sharing;
 Spending time with family.
 Peace, and hope, and caring
 I wish to hang upon my tree.

 If Christmas spirit could last the year,
 Would there be less crying?
 Less fighting? Less fear?
 I think that it’s worth trying.


(C) Copyright 2005 | Seana van der Valk