You may have thought I wasn`t listening or that I didn’t see,
You taught me how to love, and drive, and always just be me.
With generosity and humour you showed me how to live;
Most importantly you taught me how to laugh and to forgive.


In times of uncertainty you always seemed so sure,
And it’s only as a woman that I see how great you were.
You encouraged me to chase my dreams but kept the road home lit,
Back to the protection of your embrace, a place I’d always fit.

Observing your quiet strength and brave front you often wore,
Even so you never withheld love—a deep soul to the core.
With a healthy dose of humour, compassion you did impart:
So, I`ve grown up with your values, they`re imprinted on my heart.


You always saw the good in things, when good was not around;
You taught us that nothing was so lost that it could not be found.
Never asking for directions, you always stayed on course;
Thank you for your ever-constant gentle guiding force.

As a little girl we danced, me standing on your feet;
Years later at my wedding our last dance was bittersweet.
You may have given me away, but you never let me go,
I`ll always be your little girl, and in my soul I know…

…That no matter where life takes us, how near or far away,
You’re always in my heart, a comfort night and day.
The reassurance of your voice still lingers in my ear,
While your joyful laughter sweeps away everything I fear.

And I’ll never say good-bye even though you`ve passed;
I’ll always be your little girl—a bond to forever last.
I know you`d never leave me and in my heart you’ll stay,
So, I’ll tell you that I love you ‘till we’re together again someday.


(C) Copyright 2010 | Seana van der Valk