MeebsDad walks into the bedroom, takes one look at me on the bed, turns on his heel and walks out of the room with a smirk on his face. I was caught in the act! I hadn’t told him what I’d been up to, sneaking off early to the bedroom each night for the last week.

I guess sitting in bed, knitting, isn’t a turn-on. I suppose I did look a little granny-esque with my needles clacking and my fuzzy housecoat draped over my lap. Perhaps I should be wearing a silk teddy while knitting to balance things out!

I’ve know how to knit since I was about eight years old, taught by my Nana, whom I was so close with (and still miss every day, kookiness and all). Though, until recently I didn’t really get into it. About a year ago I attempted a scarf, but was uninspired by the project. Then, a woman at work volunteered to give lessons; she said to choose a pattern with some difficulty and she would teach us all sorts of stitches and other techniques. I chose a baby hat, for Meebs of course. Choosing a project that gets me excited is definitely my motivator. I need to love what I’m working on and be eager to see the end results.

I can hardly describe the sense of pride I felt when I finished Meebs’ hat. Though there are a few mistakes, detectable only to a discerning knitter, the hat is adorable! It’s a little big, but it will fit her for sure next Fall.

So, the big question is, will I be a one knit wonder or will I continue knitting? I’m happy to say that I’ve already begun my next project—a cowl for myself, using beautiful multicoloured wool. As I knit, I’ve already begun perusing patterns for my next project—a toque for MeebsDad and an animal shaped pillow for Meebs. I’m very excited and super motivated.

 Stay tuned for more projects and pictures!