During the week we’re a typical Canadian family. We drive a minivan, read Today’s Parent magazine and watch the Food Network. MeebsDad is a freelance graphic designer and photographer, and I work in communications with the provincial government. Our 17-month old dancing machine daughter Meebs goes to daycare 3 days a week, and PorkChop, our chubby Jack Russell Terrier, eats pizza or dreams of ways to get pizza.

So what makes us unique? On weekends our identity transforms—we become the DiscoverSooke family. MeebsDad morphs into Mr. DiscoverSooke armed with his camera, I become Mrs. DiscoverSooke, Meebs becomes Baby DiscoverSooke and PorkChop eats pizza or dreams of ways to get pizza.

At heart we’re storytellers, me with prose and MeebsDad with his camera. By combining our strengths and passion for our crafts, together we create something really special.

This is what happened when we moved to our small west-coast community in 2008 and couldn’t find a website to help us discover our new home. To tell Sooke’s story we developed DiscoverSooke.com. What began as a weekend hobby is now the go-to tourism site for the region. And while DiscoverSooke is still a hobby, it’s now so much more; it’s become our identity in our community.

Within DiscoverSooke.com we’re avid bloggers and vloggers; it’s how we get the message out about this amazing town. Along with our blog we’ve created dozens of videos that showcase area attractions and the beauty of our surroundings (yes, Meebs guest stars in many of them). One of our documentaries recently won a film competition with Discovery Channel HD, click here to read more.

Part of what fuels our passion for DiscoverSooke.com is our wanderlust and enjoyment in exploring new places. We’ve embarked on some eyebrow-raising road trips, camping in our car, taking our adventures off the beaten trail. The stories we return with are more valuable than any gift-shop souvenirs. We can’t wait to take Meebs on one of our extreme road trips!

We’ve explored from Quebec to Vancouver Island, to the Yukon, Alaska and along the Pacific Coast Highway to California and into the interior States of Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Montana, Oregon and Washington. Being the crazy vloggers that we are, we filmed our trip through the south-western States. We’re told our vacation videos are reality TV worthy. I wouldn’t go that far, but our banter is entertaining, especially our “discussion” about whether Salt Lake in Salt Lake City is salty, and if so, if it’s salty like an ocean or for some other environmental reason. Classic!

When Meebs came along we parked our long-distance road trips short-term, but the adventure-seeking and exploring hasn’t stopped. Our identity again evolved with Meebs’ arrival. I soon began MeebsMom.com, extending my love of writing to celebrate my love of being a mom. Whether I’m writing about the stealth attack of the sneeze-toot-poop or the joyful agony of breastfeeding or the loss of a beloved pet, my purpose is to reach you on a personal level, and hopefully make you laugh a little.

While our life isn’t glamorous, it’s never dull. Maybe our life isn’t all that typical after all. Ok, so MeebsDad disagrees with me on the not glamorous statement. Typical! In any case, we’re active in our community and determined to take Meebs to extraordinary places, locally and through travel, as well as through stories. I’d like to share our stories with parents across Canada—how ordinary people can live extraordinary lives, even if it is only on the weekends.

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Please leave me a comment or share some of your experiences.


This post is written for Today’s Parent, in response to their “call for parent bloggers” to write about: What makes you unique? Do you live in Canada and have a life story that would appeal to Canadian parents? I want to hear from parents in the north and in the towns and small cities outside our biggest cities. I want to hear from parents who don’t have the ordinary cookie cutter life that we so often see everywhere. What’s different about your life? What makes it great?