Hey, all you moms out there who are nursing or have nursed your little ones, do you have a good boob?

You see, nursing is so much easier and more enjoyable on my left side. My left boob produces more milk, has a significantly quicker let down, and is generally a more comfortable position. Meebs and I fit together seamlessly when I have her nestled snug into my left arm. No awkwardness or readjusting to get comfy. Truthfully, I find nursing on my right side downright annoying.

If I’m nursing Meebs to sleep she will be asleep within 5 minutes, as opposed to 20 minutes on the right side. So, what is it? It can’t just be about being right-handed. Is the cause physiological; is it the same if/when we have baby #2? Does this indicate an underlying health issue? So, I ask, do other mom’s have a good boob, and which side is it. Is there any rhyme or reason to my good boob being the left boob?