I’m sure by now everyone’s heard about the Book of Awesome, written by Neil Pasricha. What started as a blog that celebrates the simple pleasures of daily life, 1000 Awesome Things quickly became an international sensation reaching millions of followers. I love the simplicity, honesty and playfulness of his topics, and even more I love the iPhone App of Awesome that greets me each morning with a witty tidbit of awesomeness.

Well, I don’t have time to come up with 1000 awesome things about motherhood and babies, though I suspect there are even more than 1000 simple and awesome pleasures, so I’m going to share the top 3 that came to mind.


Unleashing Your Newborn’s Stubborn Burp. Few things give you as much satisfaction at 2am as when your baby’s stubborn gas bubble finally bursts. Your newborn is wriggling in discomfort and you’ve been walking the floor for an hour with her gently bouncing against your breast, and then it comes: the burp that you hear rumbling up from the depths of her tummy and unleash like a roar; the burp that echoes off the walls; the burp that shames all other burps. The burp that ends the crying (yours and hers) and she finally snuggles in and drifts off to sleep.

A really stinky, messy and utterly impressive poop from your little bundle of joy and the diaper does its job. You heard it; you can smell it; you know it’s in there. But, Oh! When you work up the nerve to pull back the tabs on her diaper you are visually assaulted by the mess that almost but not quite crept up to all edges of the diaper—embedded deep in every crevice, and smeared up to her belly button. With the same fascination that forces us to crane our necks to check out a car accident, there’s a little part of you that revels in the sight of that disgusting poop and how that amount of excrement came from one little person. It makes us feel better to fake gag and yell out in disgust: “Wow” or “Holy Crap”; you’ve probably even yelled at your partner a time or two to come and “get a look at this”. It’s especially interesting when she starts solids; you may even catch yourself saying, “Yup, she had yams!”

Putting your sleeping baby into her crib and sneaking out of the room without her waking up.
Your little angel is snuggled up against you, your breast may still be hanging out if you’re nursing. You hands-free lift your butt off the couch, hovering briefly in a squat position until you find your balance, and then carefully walk towards her crib. The bar digs deep into your tummy as you bend far into the crib to gently place her on the mattress. She stirs briefly as you withdraw your arm from under her head. You freeze! She lets out a little sigh and rolls onto her tummy, still asleep. You quietly back away, hoping the floor doesn’t creak. Slowly edging towards the door, then through the door, pull the door ajar, and wait. Nothing. Still nothing. She’s asleep. Sigh of relief.

Check back often for more Wee Wonders. I’ll be adding to my list each week! And, I’d love it if you’d share your own examples of awesome mommy moments.