Every now and then when I’m pumping breast milk for Meebs I feel like a dairy cow hooked up to a mechanized milker. Sticking my nipple into anything that plugs into a wall socket is a little daunting, but I do it anyway, for Meebs. Eventually the hum of my electric pump coaxes my brain into a lull, I begin to relax and I feel the rush of let down.

We all know that “breast milk is best” for baby, but what really is the next best thing? Formula? Cow’s milk? Other milk-like beverages such as soy or rice milk? How about human breast milk from a dairy cow? No, really! This story definitely caught my attention and triggered raised eyebrows.

Chinese scientists are claiming to have successfully created a herd of transgenic, a.k.a. genetically modified, cows that produce human breast milk. It sounds like science fiction to me. See, I’m amazed that my own body can produce such a miracle food, and the sole nourishment for Meebs for 6+ months. But this is even more mind-boggling; that this ever-so-slightly macabre science is possible. And they make it sound straight forward: human breast milk genes were injected into cloned cow embryos, which were implanted into surrogate cows. Of course! And the result? Cows that produce milk that’s “identical to the human variety and has the same immune-boosting and antibacterial qualities as [human] breast milk”.

Hmm. Maybe this is a good thing; maybe this is a bad thing. I don’t know enough about genetically modified food to offer an informed opinion. So, I’ll go with my gut. Maybe it’s just me, but there’s a serious ick factor in this scientific “miracle”.

Interesting? Sure. But, is it safe? Only time will tell.

The goal is to have the milk sold in grocery stores within three years, so it’s currently undergoing safety tests. I just hope they label it accordingly or my husband will have a cow! He cringes every time I tease him about using breast milk in my baking. What will they come up with next? I know; chocolate milk straight from the cow!

Photo courtesy of Lactivist: http://www.lactivist.co.uk/