If you think your infant is too young for the pool; think again! When Meebs was nine months old I signed us up for “Starfish” swim lessons at SEAPARC in Sooke; most recreation centres offer swimming lessons for babies and toddlers.

I’m no expert and not a fantastic swimmer myself, but I recommend every parent sign-up for infant or toddler swim lessons, especially if you plan to be around water—the instruction on how to handle your little one in water is valuable information. We live near water and feel it’s important for our kids to learn to swim early. And apparently it’s never too young to start; the youngest in the class was just four months old!

Check out our video of Meebs’ first time in the pool: click here.

I’ll admit it was a little daunting stepping into a swimsuit for the first time after giving birth; Meebs’ rolls looked much cuter in her swimsuit than my rolls did in mine. But we had so much fun I didn’t care one bit…almost (see note).

It was definitely harder on me than Meebs when I had to dunk her for the first time. How unnatural to plunge your baby underwater. But she was hardly bothered and after the first few times learned to close her eyes and mouth. Smart girl! Meebs learned to kick her feet and float on her back and tummy. By the end of our 10 lessons Meebs could “swim” with my one hand under her back or chest. And she loved the flutter boards.

Meebs loves the water, always has, and even though her lessons are over we still practice her floats and kicking in the bathtub. Soon though Meebs will be old enough for “Duck” lessons, and when she’s older we plan to encourage her to take lessons until she’s completed all the levels.

We still go to the pool but not as often as I’d like now that I’m back to work.  For us swimming together is a great way to bond. So next time you’re looking for a fun family activity why not head to the pool? And if your water baby is anything like mine swimming will become second nature, whether it’s in the pool, a lake or the tub.

Note: if you’re breastfeeding you may need a new swimsuit! My bikini top was a little snug but covered all the important bits, until I got in the pool. Apparently when you’re breastfeeding your breasts are a tad more buoyant, and they all but floated out of my swimsuit top. To say the least it’s a challenge to hang onto a slippery, squirmy baby and readjust your swimsuit every few minutes.