Sooke is a small community—a seaside town big on fishing and tourism; revered for its vacation destination charm and not its “urbanized” amenities. So, I was pleasantly surprised to learn about the range of amazing resources Sooke has to offer its families and new moms in particular.

It took me a little while to get out of the house after Meebs was born. We had a revolving door of guests, mostly family visiting from eastern Canada. And, in addition to all the regular new-mom stuff (no sleep, breastfeeding mayhem, and exploding diapers) I was going through a rollercoaster of emotions, still grieving the loss of my dad and grandma-in-law, as well as our beloved Jack Russell, Casey.

So, Meebs was about 6 months before I really started exploring the resources available to me. I started attending “Baby Talk”—a drop-in mom-baby group with an educational focus, run by our resident VIHA public health nurses. It was a much-needed nudge to put on a bra and a little make-up and get out of the house; especially during our damp, rainy winter. Each week there‘s a difference topic, sometimes with experts and guest speakers, but mostly it’s a chance for moms to connect with other moms. I tend to be a homebody and a loner, so it wasn’t until I started going that I realized how much I needed it!

Then Meebs and I signed up for “Mother Goose”—a 10-week sing-a-long nursery rhyme group. Meebs loved it. I learned a lot of new songs too, along with the real words to songs I thought I knew. We discovered that “Shoo Fly” is one of Meebs’ favourites, and it still comes in handy when she’s fussy or has a disagreement with the coffee table (she’s testing her balance as she learns to walk).

Baby Talk and Mother Goose were the two programs that appealed to me, but there are many to choose from—our Sooke Family Resource Society has so much to offer, like parent discussion groups and prenatal classes. Sooke also offers the Strong Start program at John Muir Elementary School, Monday-Friday 9:15am-12:15pm and various Stroller Fit classes, as well as mom-baby aqua-fit and infant swim lessons at SEAPARC, just to name a few. Meebs and I LOVED her swim lessons…but that’s a story in itself!

To all the moms out there: even if you can barely muster the energy to brush your teeth or put on clean clothes, the opportunity to connect with other moms and interact with your baby in new ways is definitely worth the extra effort. So check out the mom-friendly resources your community has to offer, even small communities like Sooke might surprise you at the number of options. At minimum, putting on a bra and getting out of the house will help uplift your spirits (not to mention your boobs).