Today is my Daddy’s birthday; he would have been 68 years old. He passed away last July, exactly two weeks after Meebs was born. He was very sick but he and I had made a pact that he would hang on until after she was born. He never got to hold her, but he saw pictures and video of his first grandchild. He was so proud. I only wish Meebs could have known him. He was, is, the greatest man I’ve ever know. In so many ways my husband is like him, and that’s probably in part why I married him. My only hope for Meebs is that she someday feels the same way about her Daddy as I feel about mine.

I was unable to travel to my Dad’s funeral, and to this day it still hurts my heart that I wasn’t there for him. The only blessing in knowing that someone you love is slipping away is being given the opportunity to tell them exactly how you feel and say goodbye. I’m comforted in knowing that my Dad knows how much I love him, and that through me and my memories Meebs will know him.

This is a poem I wrote for my Dad expressing how I feel; though I wasn’t there in body this was read at his gravesite during the funeral––friends and family said through my words they felt my presence; I hope somehow he did too.

Always Daddy`s Girl

Dedicated to the most unselfish, generous and caring man I’ve ever known—my father.
David R. MacDonald
June 7, 1943 – July 9, 2010

You may have thought I wasn`t listening or that I didn’t see,
The ways you taught me how to drive, and love and always just be me.
With generosity and humour you showed me how to live;
Most importantly you taught me how to laugh and to forgive.

In times of uncertainty you always seemed so sure,
And it’s only as a woman that I see how great you were.
You encouraged me to chase my dreams but kept the road home lit,
Back to the protection of your embrace, a place I’d always fit.

Observing your quiet strength and brave front you often wore,
Even so you never withheld love—a deep soul to the core.
With a healthy dose of humour, compassion you did impart:
So, I`ve grown up with your values, they`re imprinted on my heart.

You always saw the good in things, when good was not around;
You taught us that nothing was so lost that it could not be found.
Never asking for directions, you always stayed on course;
Thank you for your ever constant gentle guiding force.

As a little girl we danced, me standing on your feet;
Years later at my wedding our last dance was bittersweet.
You may have given me away, but you never let me go,
I`ll always be your little girl, and in my soul I know…

…That no matter where life takes us, how near or far away,
You’re always in my heart, a comfort night and day.
The reassurance of your voice still lingers in my ear,
While your joyful laughter sweeps away everything I fear.

And I’ll never say good-bye even though you`ve passed;
I’ll always be your little girl—a bond to ever last.
I know you`d never leave me or be very far away,
So, I’ll tell you that I love you ‘till we’re together again someday.


© Copyright 2010 Seana van der Valk