Meebs' SongWriting is one of my passions in life; aside from my family it takes top spot. I particularly love writing poetry, whether sentimental or silly. Who knew my enthusiasm for verse would be so useful in motherhood? And, as it turns out it’s not a huge leap from writing poetry to lyrics, especially when you “borrow” the tune. So when Meebs started focusing on everything other than her dinner, I composed this little ditty to bring her attention back to me and the spoon:

I put some <mango> on my spoon, and then I sing this little tune…
To help the spoon go in my mouth, so my food can go down south;
In my tummy it stays for a while, ‘till it comes out my bum in a pile!
(Sung to the tune ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’)

It worked like a charm! In fact it worked so well we now have songs for bath-time, bedtime, mealtime, and please-stop-crying-now-time. For some reason Meebs enjoys my singing, even my off-key crooning. She loves the songs I’ve composed, as well as the standard classics. Only for her do I cast aside my dignity and belt out Rollie Pollie, complete with actions.

It’s well-known that babies love music, and having a few songs in your repertoire is a great way to distract your little one, especially when they’re crying or fussing. Even through the tears babies can’t help but pause to listen to a melody. Incorporating singing into your daily activities can also make mundane routines more upbeat and amusing. Plus, singing can help calm fatigue-induced frustrations; just sing “I am slowing going crazy, 1-2-3-4-5-6 switch…” You’ll feel better confessing your craziness aloud and the counting will help you exhale the stress without transferring it onto baby. Try it! But most of all, singing has the power to make your baby smile, laugh and jive along to the rhythm—nothing beats that!