I’ve always wanted to vacation at a tropical resort; a land of paradise where the pool has a swim-up bar and sexy cabana boys bring you fresh towels and rub lotion on your shoulders…I didn’t anticipate that Meebs would experience this luxury before (or without) me!

When Meebs outgrew her countertop baby bathtub we weren’t sure what we were going to do; she looked like a guppy in our gigantic soaker tub. Plus, it was back-breaking trying to lean over the edge to bath her—babies are wiggly and very slippery! The only option was to climb into the tub with her. But what adult really wants to take a nightly 10-minute bath in less than a foot of water?

However, what began as a perfunctory solution is now an enjoyably part of our daily bedtime routine; a soothing opportunity for Meebs and me to bond with skin-to-skin contact and have some fun. We’ve even compiled a song list with tunes for washing, rinsing, cuddling, and, of course, a little splashing. In truth, I really look forward to bath-time now and based on the look on her face when daddy puts her in the tub beside me, I’d say Meebs loves it too. I adore making her laugh when she falls into the “hole in the road” or we splash around to the “wheels on the bus” or when she gets the shivers during “criss-cross”.

And, what makes me chuckle is that every so often Meebs splashes her way up to my “bar” and takes a drink as though she’s sipping from a straw. Sometimes she beaches herself in my lap and we have a full nursing session, and other times she seems to just need to wet her whistle before she refocuses on her tub toys.

As for the hot cabana boy, that would be my husband. When I start singing the “take me out of the bath” song he enters the bathroom, singing harmony, hoodie towel in hand. He scoops Meebs out of the tub, dries her off and gives her a mini-massage as he applies her moisturizer. Talk about 4-star treatment! Where’s mine? (Hmmm. That might be a different post about restoring romance after rug rats!)

I’m sure someday I’ll get to live the dream as well, but the swim-up bar will serve drinks with little umbrellas and a bit of zip instead of lukewarm milk. For now I suppose I’ll have to settle for vacationing vicariously through Meebs.