My heart goes out to those in Joplin, Missouri who have lost loved ones in the tornadoes. I cannot imagine the pain and despair of waiting to hear the fate of a missing family member. To lose your home, your livelihood, your community and a lifetime worth of belongings in the eye of a storm is unfathomable to me—a nightmare come to life.

Especially to all the mothers out there: your persisting strength is inspiring and reminds us to hold our loved ones a little closer today, everyday. Mothers across the continent and one in Sooke in particular, are thinking of you and praying for you.



When stones are thrown and houses crumble
A mother pulls her children closer
Her embrace their only source of comfort
Her strength their shelter, however humble

When buildings and bodies are falling ‘round
A mother carries her family’s heart
Her love pulls them from the wreckage
Her shoulders their enduring solid ground

When calm gives way to winds and war
A mother holds her family tighter
Her voice the breeze that clears their sadness
Her hope the architect to rebuild once more