Most co-sleeping moms will tell you they sleep with one eye open; what they may not tell you is that they may also sleep with one boob open.

It seems like one of my breasts is always hanging out of my pj’s; a by-product, I suppose, of nursing while in bed. I often wake up in the morning and there one is, exposed and flopped to one side like a partially deflated balloon. Sexy? Not even a little! I can’t really complain though; it allows Meebs and me to both get a good night’s sleep.

Co-sleeping definitely makes night-feeds easier—who wouldn’t want to breastfeed your baby while also catching a few zzz’s? Of course, it must be comfortable for mom and safe for baby; and, until your baby is strong enough to hold up her head and has mastered rolling over, I’d recommend mom stays awake, at least partially. But once safety is addressed, night-nursing by way of co-sleeping is heavenly.

It’s a beautiful thing really—though, maybe not to look at—sleeping with one boob open is like a self-serve gas bar. Meebs rolls up, takes as much fuel as she needs, and proceeds on to whatever destination her dreams may take her. And, now that Meebs is older she can mostly manoeuvre the “nozzle” by herself, making my involvement nominal. I can doze while she nurses and when I feel her roll away I pleasantly drift off, oblivious to the fact I’m still exposed to the elements—a small price to pay for sleep…though it can get a little nippy.