I loved you yesterday. I love you still
With as much love as I can share
My feelings for you grow year over year
A deep ocean that drowns tears and despair

Each year with you I learn more of myself
I possess more strength than I ever knew
Your love gives me roots and wings
And I’m proud of who you’ve become too

I was there as you changed from a boy to a man
And grew into your talents and voice
Your struggles I’ve shared, and they’ve not been in vain
You are in this life not by chance but by choice

Together we’ve shaped a life and a home
Winds and rough waters endured
Knowing nothing’s so broken it’s beyond repair
With a will to forgive, a bond secured

Birthdays, like years, come and go with the wind
But are not a measurement of a life
We’re learning to celebrate each moment
And I do so, proudly, as your wife

We will be here for each other, this day and everyday to come.

Happy Birthday, my love.