As girls, you lived just down the street
Only a corner and curfew kept us apart
I knew your heart and hardships
You were my childhood friend

As women, there is more than a corner between us
With children and interests our own
Yet our paths still at times converge
You are my childhood friend

Tokens are woven through our lives
A necklace with a parrot charm, a shoebox of trinkets
 Memories, like a warm smile, reassure me
You are my childhood friend

Our regard is steady, rooted in childhood devotion
We pause our friendship like a favourite movie
Bookmarking our bond, time stands still
You are my childhood friend

I’m never so far to not answer your call
At times I hear your encouraging voice
Even when you’re nowhere near
You are my childhood friend

Your friendship has meant everything
You understand me and I you, as only best friends can
You have made all the difference
You are always my one childhood friend