Oh, what fun it is to… Craft!

With less than a month until Christmas Meebs and I decided it was time to start making Christmas cards and ornaments. Over the next few weeks we’ll be taking on a variety of really festive projects.

This week, Meebs added handprint Rudolphs to blank store-bought note cards. She painted her hand brown, stamped it on the paper and then added a button nose and googley eyes. Meebs could do almost all of this herself, which made her feel proud and empowered.

For the star ornaments, I glued the Popsicle sticks together ahead of time so that we wouldn’t have to wait the drying time before decorating. Once again, I added the glue and Meebs decorated with a variety of sequins and jewels. Tomorrow when they’re dry we’ll add some thread to hang the ornament from. As Meebs would say…”ta daaaa”!