Gluing buttons. So much fun to a 3yr old. We started with some hard, thin “canvas”, purchased from the local dollar store. I scrolled the letter “A” onto one canvas and “E” on the other. I squeezed glue along the lines and let Meebs go to town with the buttons. I showed her how to arrange the buttons to make the flowers and she completed her anagram crafts. All in all the project took us about an hour, the perfect length of time for a preschool craft. Meebs was involved for the whole duration, making it ideal for capturing and keeping the artiste’s attention. Very little prep and clean-up involved too.

Meebs is not letting me take her picture much these days during crafting. So the pictures aren’t great. Not sure what that’s about. I can’t even begin to dissect her 3yr old mind, with it’s developing intentions and thought patterns.