Today we welcomed Trixie Everbloom into our home for the first year. Yup, we’re doing Elf on the Shelf. I cheated a little and named her myself, because I just couldn’t bear to name her after a princess…Belle and Ariel just don’t have the same elfy ring to them as Trixie does.

The whimsy of the game of the Elf of the Shelf got me very excited. I sewed a Christmassy skirt for Trixie and decorated her hat. I wrote a poem for Meebs and Purps from Trixie, a shorter version of the story more easily understood by a child. (See below for poem).

I set the scene in the backyard for Meebs to find Trixie before dinner, all “look what Santa sent!” Sigh. But alas, Meebs is only three. She was more interested in Trixie’s pretty skirt than the poem explaining why she was here. It took all evening to explain the concept. Meebs carried the poem around and called it her map, since I’d rolled it up and tied it with a ribbon. Scroll. Map. Whatever. I think my expectations were a tad high. I’m intrigued to see how the next month unfolds and whether Meebs will get into the spirit of Elf on the Shelf. Maybe once it all sinks in we’ll reread the poem and see if she appreciates my poetic prowess.


Dear Amelia and Elsje

I’m one of Santa’s Christmas elves
I come from the North Pole
I’ve come to stay with you a while
For “naughty or nice” patrol

My name is Trixie Everbloom
And I have a special magic power
I report to Santa every night
Upon the midnight hour

We talk about your day
And all the ways that you’ve been nice
But when you’ve been extra good
I always tell him twice

By day I watch so quietly
Sitting on your shelf
But at night I come to life
As my curious elfy self

At night while you are sleeping
I cause mischief and have fun
So, look for me each morning
To discover what I’ve done

I’ll be here ’til Christmas Eve
To help countdown the day
When Santa comes I’ll hitch a ride
And be on my merry way!

Love your very own Christmas Elf,
Trixie Everbloom

P.S. I’ve brought a book for you to enjoy together.