With both sets of grandparents arriving on the weekend and our cleaning lady falling ill, I switched around the days Meebs is at daycare so I could get some things done. So with that, Crafty Wednesday moved to Monday. Despite being on a Monday, the worst day of the week, and all of us a wee bit under the weather, we were just as crafty.

Meebs really loves to make hand and foot prints. So I found a craft that let her paint her feet and me “fill in the blanks”. I had a ton of fun making Meebs’ feet into a butterfly and guiding her little fingers as we painted the grass and sky and antennae.

Everything you see was painted with hands, feet and fingers.

To enhance the “fine art” feel we used pre-prepped canvas, which I picked up dirt cheap at the $$ store.

This is definitely one craft that will make its way onto the wall!