Autumn is on its way with this Fall-inspired reverse stenciling project. Using canvas and painters tape I placed the tape in such a way as to create a forest. Meebs then painted over and around the tape. Once the paint had dried we removed the tape to reveal a beautiful Fall forest.

Meebs loves any craft that involves paint. Once we saw how great her forest turned out, Meebs asked to make a reverse stenciling creation for her room. I placed the tape and stickers and Meebs chose her favourite colours.

Not having done this craft before, or anything like it, I learned a lot about tape placement and ensuring the tape was firmly in place. In the future it will only get better. Though Meebs did a fantastic job with the colours and application. She’s sooo creative and has a great eye for blending hues.

From set-up to clean-up the two projects took about 2 hours. The perfect length of time for a Crafty Wednesday craft.

Meebs is very proud of her creations!