Monday Morning. It’s 4:50. Meebs enters and declares it’s morning. I declare it’s still nighttime but permit her to stay if she goes back to sleep. I declare the bed a no-talking zone. Meebs doesn’t stop talking. Elsje is disturbed. Elsje nurses to try to settle. Over nurses and spits-up on self and me. Wipe up baby barf. It’s 5:45. Meebs still talking. Louder. I ask Meebs to go watch TV or go bug daddy in the spare room (a blog post for another day). My throat is sore. Elsje is asleep. Meebs is quiet. Attempt to sleep. It’s 6:30. Porkchop is frantically running around downstairs. I frantically run down the stairs. Too late. Spend 5 minutes cleaning up large puddle of warm pee. Return to bed. Migraine starts to creep up neck. It’s 6:55. Start to doze. Elsje stirs. Meebs re-enters smiling and cheerily sings, “Good morning”! Elsje’s awake. Awesome.

Coffee auto-start beeps to life. Resistance is futile. Time to rise and shine.