This Wednesday I took a few craft ideas I found online and came up with this idea for tissue paper mâché butterflies.

I started by cutting coloured tissue paper into shapes and shards. I then cut two toilet paper rolls in half and cut each into the shape of a butterfly wing, leaving the straight side with a slit to later use to fasten to the body. I used one more toilet paper roll for the body.

Next, I poured glue into an old Tupperware lid and gave Meebs a Popsicle stick “applicator”. Her task: to let her creativity take control. She got busy placing glue all over the body and wings and very carefully placing the tissue paper where she wanted it. We found out (by happy accident) that crumpling some of the tissue paper before gluing it gave a nice 3D effect. Once again meebs came up with a twist that took the craft to the next level.

When the toilet paper rolls were completely covered, I cut 2 inch slits in the “body” and inserted the wings. I added a little glue to keep the wings in place. Next Meebs added the antennae and googley eyes. I drew a smile and there you have it: a tissue paper mâché butterfly.

This is a great craft to get rid of all that tissue paper that seems to multiply in masses after each birthday and Hallmark holiday. It’s also a creative way to repurpose toilet paper rolls.