Meebs’ grandparents are all coming to visit at the end of September: “Pa” and Grandma V, and Grandma M. This is the first time we will be all together. I think this will clear up some confusion about which Grandma is which and they aren’t the same person.

In preparation, Meebs wanted to make them presents. So I did some research and found this great idea (from yummy mummy club and Pinterest) to decorate mugs with Sharpie markers. I read all the reviews, and glad I did because they was a high “fail rate” with the original instructions. So, I purchased 3 white ceramic mugs and a pack of oil-based Sharpie pens. Gulp! Holy crap are the expensive; and I only found them at Michael’s.

Meebs and I placed the letter stickers together and then she placed the hearts and stars. We used really high quality letter stickers, very sticky. The hearts and stars weren’t as sticky and the pens bled a little under the stickers. Though, still crated an artsy effect. Next, Meebs went to town colouring all over the mugs. Once she was satisfied with her designs, we let them dry. I removed the stickers and popped them in a cold oven. I set the temperature to 325F. The mugs came up to temperature with the oven and I let them bake for 45 minutes. I then turned the oven off and let the mugs cool in the oven. Voila. Finished works of art. Lots of fun. Relatively quick. Minimal mess.

Meebs is very proud of her mugs. Next steps are to wrap them and make cards. Sounds like the next Crafty Wednesday project.