If you’re anything like me you hate keeping holiday cards, and yet feel guilty tossing them into the recycling bin.

I actually don’t like “hallmark” cards at all, I think they’re expensive, impersonal and a waste of a diminishing natural resource. But I digress.

Having a child actually makes receiving cards a bit easier and the nicer cards can be repurposed into crafts and collages.

This was what we decided to do with Meebs’ 3rd birthday cards–we created a birthday collage. MeebsMom did the cutting and Meebs did the gluing and placement. Rather than 15 cards we now have one small, flat piece of paper for her to keep as long as her heart desires. Maybe this will become an annual project, or maybe this piece of artwork will be lining next year’s recycling bin. The choice will be Meebs’, not mine. I think this is referred to as the transference of guilt.