After a relaxing day at the beach, taking in the ocean breeze, having a picnic, and nursing Elsje while Meebs built sandcastles, I did something I usually wouldn’t do…but I was blood-pressure-raising mad. Two motorcycles parked so close to my car that I couldn’t open the driver or back passenger doors more than a foot. Therefor, could not put the carseat in the car. Rage doesn’t begin to cover it.

Loaded down with a stroller, two tired kids and an over indulgence of beach gear and toys, I wasn’t thinking clearly.

There was at least five feet of space on the other side of the motorcycles and an empty handicapped spot beside them. There was no logical reason for them to park so close, other than being incredibly stupid or incredibly ignorant…probably both.

My first impulse was to knock the bikes over, but there were too many witnesses. So, my only “legal” option was to enter the car from the front passenger-side door and crawl over the center console. Next, I had to back out of the space to get Elsje’s carseat in the car. Not wanting to leave Elsje alone on the pavement I asked Meebs to stand beside her while mommy moved the car ‘just a little bit’. Even with my window down, inching back, and reassuring her the entire 5 seconds that I wasn’t leaving, it was still a BIG mistake…as soon as I started the car and began backing out Meebs thought I was abandoning her. So, now I had a screaming toddler and a screaming newborn in the screaming heat. Awesome.

Luckily, Elsje had had a diaper explosion while we were at the beach and I hadn’t yet found a garbage bin to dispose of it. You can probably see where I’m going with this…unfortunately not as far as I would have liked. Again, if there’d been fewer witnesses I would have smeared the mustardy poop all over the seat and then stuck the diaper up the tailpipe. But I took the high road and instead left it resting, ever so slightly open on the handlebars. I would have loved to stake-out the parking lot to see the biker’s reaction, but my babies were screaming.

So, I drove away with a tiny smile of satisfaction and thinking, Shit Happens. Deal with it! I did.