First of all let me say I’m so proud of my project. Though being 38 weeks pregnant, for five days I poured all my energy into refurbishing my childhood dresser for Meebs’ big girl room.

To make room for baby, we kept the nursery the same (including the furniture) and built a new “big girl” room for Meebs, complete with new bunk beds and nightstand. I decided that rather than buy a new dresser that I would update my old dresser for Meebs. It was a huge project…think 1970s dresser + storage for 13 years = dirty, outdated mess. But I was in full swing nesting mode and felt more than up to the challenge. Looking back though, I think I gave myself hemorrhoids from sitting on my makeshift painters stool for a week.

Anyway, I wanted to keep the creamy white dresser colour the same and simply fill in some chips. Then i would paint over the old fashioned flowers with modern Shasta Daisies. I bought a transferable stencil from Michael’s, along with paints to match Meebs colour scheme and a varity of paintbrushes. I created the pattern and placed the stencils on the drawers. It took some fiddling trying to cover the existing flower pattern. The “kit” came with a guide that explained some of the techniques. Very helpful!

Drumroll please…here are the pictures, from before and after to the finished product.