It doesn’t take much to create the ultimate crafting tool-kit. The key is not to get carried away and spend a fortune. Aside from the waterproof Crayola paints, which I’ve bought from both Walmart and Michael’s, everything in our kit is from a Dollar Store. The quality of supplies may not be Sistine Chapel worthy, but let’s face it, our little artists are no Michelangelo…yet.

Here is my suggested starter kit, in a variety of shapes and colours:

• coloured pipe cleaners
• googley eyes
• fuzzy pom-pom balls
• buttons
• faux feathers
• shells
• foam balls
• washable Crayola paints and markers
• non-washable Sharpie pens
• construction paper
• popsicle sticks

As well, you’ll need:

• non-toxic, kid-friendly, clear-drying glue
• adult scissors and kid scissors
• plastic table cloths
• wet wipes
• clean plastic yogurt cups for paints
• paint brushes
• large storage container with a tight-fitting lid

Other supplies to start stockpiling:

• egg cartons
• toilet paper and paper towel tubes
• shaped pasta (shells, bow-ties, macaroni, fusilli, pinwheels)
• clothes pins
• tissue paper
• holiday cards
• stickers

These items should get you started, at least for the craft projects Meebs and I have tackled. Whenever I walk into a dollar store I’m always on the lookout for deals and ideas. But I try to never spend more than $5 on craft supplies at one time. It’s all too easy to get carried away!

Now all you need is inspiration and imagination!