I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that until this July the last time I had been to the dentist was in 2001. As each year passed it got more and more difficult to face going, and likely hearing I had a mouthful of cavities. Now, I’ve only ever had one cavity and that was in a baby tooth, and this scared the plaque out of me, at least enough to brush and floss every day. Still, I was in denial and figured what’s the point now, my teeth were probably a lost cause.

But, now with a three year old girl requiring her first check-up, I knew it was time to be a big girl myself, and make appointments for us both. You know, set a good example and all that crap. But now I was also dreading taking Meebs. I dreaded Meebs having a mouthful of cavities. Would this be one more invitation for criticism on my parenting skills. Would a cavity on my perfect baby make me a bad mother?

Brushing teeth has always been a struggle with Meebs. Does any kid like brushing their teeth? We have the strawberry toothpaste and the Dora spin-brush, but it wasn’t until we introduced the “sugar bugs” that we instilled the fear in Meebs enough to make her brush. We’d tell her that if she didn’t brush her teeth then the sugar bugs would come and eat her teeth at night and then her teeth would fall out. Sounds like the thing nightmares are made of. Now that she’s a bit older MeebsDad and I let Meebs brush for a few minutes to get the big sugar bugs and then we take a turn to get all the little, hard to reach sugar bugs. Seems to be working. I was already getting raised eyebrows because apparently kids should see the dentist for the first time at the age of two. Oops.

At the dentist Meebs was a real trooper. Fearless and cooperative. She did everything the hygienist asked and stayed still during her cleaning and check-up. A proud mommy moment. I guess I’m not that bad! I figured, if she can do it then I can do it. As it turns out, Meebs was cavity free and so was I. Go figure, brushing and flossing really does work. Taking care of your teeth early on can set the stage for a lifelong healthy smile!

Phew. Dodged the damning stare from the dentist. I’m a good mom, at least by proof of Meebs’ teeth.