This was by far one of my favourite craft projects. Meebs made clothespin magnets. I purchased extra large clothespins and we made a butterfly, a bird and a bumblebee, as well as a variety of caterpillars. We used fuzzy pom-poms for the bodies. Pipe cleaners for the butterfly wings and yellow feathers for the bumblebee wings. The bird is made by gluing a variety of coloured feathers onto the clothespins.

I modified the idea for the project that I saw in google images that used old fashioned clothes pegs to make dragonfly magnets. My original idea was to make the fuzzy caterpillars. But with our well-stocked craft box, Meebs wanted to make the bird, bumblebee, butterfly and button caterpillars. They are entirely the product of her imagination. I say back, put my “do-it-this-way” tendency in my back pocket and let her exercise her creativity. She even got the hang of applying the glue by the end of the project.

I’m incredibly proud. My favourite is the bird…something that never crossed my mind to create. Because we made so many (in a perfect-for-Meebs amount of time) we’ve decided to give some as gifts. I hope I get the bird!!!