April 2013

Bringers of Light

I can’t believe another merciless act of violence has taken place in our neighbouring country. Precious lives have been lost, disfigured, forever altered. When will it stop? When is enough, enough? I fear the evil creeping by borders and oceans …

Generosity in Motion

These are the beautiful baby booties and hat knit for me by a fellow transit rider…a touching gesture that made me feel very special! Gotta love Route #61 sometimes!!! This was created by one of the women who co-knit me …

Some People

        Some people will break your heart outright Others will slowly erode the edges; Reopening a sore that never heals Some people will cherish your gifts and unique spirit; Acceptance will come without negotiation Others will try …

Kickin’ the Craving!

Gotta love the baby bump special from the Shell on Sooke Rd. Free ice cream just for being knocked up is always a good idea. Meebs enjoyed her “kid-sized” cone too!

A Book for Kids?

There is something seriously inappropriate with this page in Meebs’ “Slide and See” barnyard book. The poor baby sheep was just looking for his mom.

the haunting

The morning mist is heavy; the early sun casts a haunting glow Like I don’t exist, the tide wipes away my impressions in the sand Walking too far ahead, I think I see a figure on the beach One moment …

More Meebs

List of Wee Wonders – #6

When your little one actually stays still while you’re clipping her little baby fingernails. One …