February 2012

Tug of War: Struggles of a Working Mom

It’s no secret that working moms often feel guilty for one reason or another, whether it’s wondering if you’re away too much or if loving your job more than staying at home makes you a bad mom. Some handle it …

Ocean Discovery

It’s family fun-day Sunday! And we spent the day at the Ocean Discovery Centre in Sidney, BC. What a great place for little and big kids (a.k.a. MeebsDad) to explore and goof around. In the touch and feel pool we …

Look Meebs!

Meebs and I at Butterfly Gardens in Victoria. MeebsDad took this photo of us watching a black and red butterfly. Check out all his work at www.vandervalk.ca! And below, Meebs and MeebsDad…so much to see!      

More Meebs

List of Wee Wonders – #6

When your little one actually stays still while you’re clipping her little baby fingernails. One …