Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace

I’ve only fallen asleep like this under the influence…you know, NyQuil. Meebs actually wore her nightie under her clothes on this day. I think she foreshadowed her afternoon.

Blast from the Past

Recently I was going through a box of things from my childhood bedroom that my packaged up when she moved. What a Blast from the Past! I’d been thinking of buying a Cabbage Patch Kid for Meebs, but the “vintage” …

Rough Night

Some mornings are worse than others. Have you ever looked or felt like this in the morning?

Generosity in Motion

These are the beautiful baby booties and hat knit for me by a fellow transit rider…a touching gesture that made me feel very special! Gotta love Route #61 sometimes!!! This was created by one of the women who co-knit me …

Kickin’ the Craving!

Gotta love the baby bump special from the Shell on Sooke Rd. Free ice cream just for being knocked up is always a good idea. Meebs enjoyed her “kid-sized” cone too!

Ocean Discovery

It’s family fun-day Sunday! And we spent the day at the Ocean Discovery Centre in Sidney, BC. What a great place for little and big kids (a.k.a. MeebsDad) to explore and goof around. In the touch and feel pool we …

Look Meebs!

Meebs and I at Butterfly Gardens in Victoria. MeebsDad took this photo of us watching a black and red butterfly. Check out all his work at www.vandervalk.ca! And below, Meebs and MeebsDad…so much to see!      

More Meebs

List of Wee Wonders – #6

When your little one actually stays still while you’re clipping her little baby fingernails. One …